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Picture Jasper necklace

Desert High Pendant

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Length: Necklace: 34"L; Pendant: 2-2.5"L.
Major beads: Round Picture Jasper: 6MM in matte finish and 8MM polished.
Striped coffee agate: 12x16MM tear-drop shape polished; 6MM faceted round bead.
Cultured fresh water pearls: 5-6MM potato shaped with great luster.
Crystal beads: 4x6MM faceted rondelle.
Hematite spacer beads: 3MM polished spacer bead.
Pendant: Puff oval mushroom jasper: approx 40x60MM (size may vary) edged in gold.
Color: Brown and earthy tones.
Style: Genuine stone necklace with pendant.
Clasp: Sterling silver lobster clasp.
Features: This earthy tone necklace features very unique and exquisite pendant. The overlapping orbical "mushroom" structures in various shades of grey, cream and pink/orange are crested with an area of deep brown material which contrast wonderfully.