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19F39-WTQ - Graduated “Turquoise” Round Bead Necklace-White Turquoise

Pebble Beach Necklace

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Graduated “Turquoise” Round Bead Necklace-White Turquoise

Length: Approx. 19” long approx. with 1.50 extender.

Major Material/Beads: Blue and white magnesite. Blue Magnesite is heat treated.

The largest size round bead is 20MM.  

Clasp: Large 13MM sterling silver lobster clasp and extender.

Workmanship: Hand beaded; each bead is hand knotted in brown mixed cotton thread.

Feature(s): Also known as “turquoise”, this necklace is made of natural magnesite stones. Each bead displays intriguing veins.  Large sterling silver lobster clasp makes it easier to put on or to take off.


About magnesite: Magnesite is a beautiful stone.  The most common color is white. Magnesite can have a web-like pattern which resembles the matrix in some turquoise. Magnesite has the same hardness and texture as turquoise. But it does not have same chemical as turquoise.

Since turquoise is getting rare, Magnesite is OFTEN dyed and heat treated to resemble the ever more expensive turquoise.

Many vendors have been known to pass off "turquoise" magnesite as stabilized turquoise. A rule of thumb: if the price of turquoise necklace is too good to be true, it is most likely magnesite (or howlite). 

Most genuine turquoise is sold per gram, (not per strand) most often seen in rings, pendants, or as in cabochon.