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A mix of clothing, accessories & jewelry for the relaxed and romantic you

Heather Bleu Home is where heart, style and integrity intersect.

Driftwood jeans are what we wear... when we go to heaven.

So come and and get your Robert Redford on!

Love the skin you're in...

Happiness & Joy


This is a dream that I have put my whole heart into and continue to do so every day. I want you to walk in the door and feel at home and relaxed. I want an experience for you, more than wanting you to shop. Tranquil brazilian music softly plays in the background, while subtle notes of citrus and gardenia fill the air from our Capri Blue candles and Kai Fragrance products. You are free to take in the store at your own pace, knowing if you need us, we are nearby to help you find what you are searching for, or perhaps you just needed a dose of beauty to lighten your day. I'm looking forward to meeting you...

Where we feel most at home

I'm an introvert/extrovert, and I love spending time with people almost as much as I love my quiet time at home in my garden with my husband, or listening to music, painting or reading. I need that quiet time to refuel my energy and calm my soul. I know many of you are as well. And I bet you get what I'm talking about. If I don't have the home time, I am no good for the outside world.

Clothes play a big part in this 'soothing of the soul' and 'quieting of the mind'. What we wear sets a tone for our mood and our feeling of comfort and self esteem. If you are meditating in tight jeans, you can bet,that meditation will not be fun! Can you imagine? It is like that, we clothe ourselves for our days, our moments. Make sure you choose something that is a vehicle for your mood and your chosen activity. Whether you are going to work, gardening, shopping with a friend or going for a walk. You want to wear something that you put on and don't have to think about after that. You want to feel comfortable, confident and ready for the time ahead without tugging at your top or pulling up your jeans because they aren't the right fit for your body. Clothing is an integral part of our lives. Let's enjoy both!

Blog posts

Tara's shop is on the edge of my neighborhood, which is wonderful and dangerous all at the same time. Her clothing and merchandise is lovely, and she's a warm, loving and honest shopkeeper. If something doesn't look good or feel good when I try it on, she says, "It's not for you." There are never any forced sales. Sometimes I just go in to say hello or hang out. She's just as good for a hug or a heartwarming chat or if I need help finding something just right to wear! I love this shop!

kristin Swenson Henderson Doylestown, PA

The boutique feels like everything in there was picked out for me personally. I wish I could shop there on a regular basis! Or that Tara - the extraordinary owner who seems to know everyone personally- could just fill my closet with her choices.

D'ana Baptiste,Yoga Teacher

Heather Bleu is a wonderful gem of a store. It has beautiful clothing, jewelry, yummy candles and fun items to give as gifts. Tara, the store owner, is one of the most warm and friendly ladies you'll ever meet.

Anne Grogan Hough West Chester, PA

Heather Bleu is one of my favorite stores in town. They carry beautiful clothes & jewelry at affordable prices and the clothing lines are flattering on all shapes & sizes. Highly recommend.

Michelle Verona Williams Doylestown, PA

I absolutely adore this store and Tara! The thought and care that goes into every item she carries shows! It is my go to stop in Doylestown and I always leave with a big smile on my face! Thank you Tara for such a magical store!

Erica Boutin Chalfont, PA

The quality and diversity of the store’s merchandise is amazing. It is my go to store for gift shopping as I always find the perfect thing, and Tara is so warm and friendly- it’s like shopping at your best friend’s house!!!

LaFaun Reed Kahn Buckingham, Pa

Love the style of this shop. Great selection of items, lots of choices, and high quality. It's a great shop and highly recommend it for treating yourself, finding a gift for someone else. My favorite place. And the owner is great to chat with!! Also think she gives an honest opinion, which is not always easy to find.

Julia Standig Doylestown, Pa


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